We have tried to make our website as easy to read and follow as possible, but we understand sometimes you might still need to make some changes to make it a little easier for you to read, hear or see. Below we have added a few links that should help.

How to make our site work better for you


Increasing text size

You can increase the text size of our website using your browsers built in zoom function. 

On a PC press CTRL and the + key at the same time, until you reach the desired text size. If you are using a Mac use the COMMAND and + keys. 

This will increase the text size, however it may crease some overlaps and cause the layout to alter, if this is the case please get in touch and we would be more than happy to send out any of the information you might want to look at. 

Text Reader

If you struggle to read our site, you may want to have the pages read aloud to you. 

For this we recommend the ‘Read Aloud’ extension for Google Chrome. 

You can get this extension here

Once installed you will have a little blue and orange megaphone next to the address bar, if you click this once, the page will be read aloud to you. 


You can get Google Chrome from here if you don’t already have it