Heke bi xeta alîkariyê re têkilî danîn ne ji bo we ye!

We have included the option to contact us via an online referral form. We have three referral forms for you to use, depending on who you are, as you may be: an autistic person, a parent or carer, or a professional or third party. Please check the description above each referral form to find out which is the most suitable for you to complete. Once you have completed the form, please click ‘submit’ and your form will find its way to one of the team. We will then look into your enquiry and contact you once we have sourced the requisite information or support.

Forma xweya referralê

Forma Referralê ya Sêyemîn

Forma şandina lênêrînê / dêûbav

Before completing this referral form, please note the following: this referral form is for completion by carers or parents of autistic people enquiring about support for xwe. If you are a carer or parent and wish to enquire about support for someone else, please telephone our helpline.

Pêdivî ye ku hemî beşên jêrîn bi qasî ku mimkun bi hûrgilî werin qedandin:

Kesê / a ku hûn ji wî / wî diparêzin xwedan teşhîsek fermî ya ASC ye? Ji kerema xwe yek ji yên jêrîn hilbijêrin:

Ji kerema xwe qutiya jêrîn hilbijêrin da ku razî bin ku em bi we re têkilî daynin:

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